Frequently asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Blended learning?

A: Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and in-person learning.

Q: What programming models will parents be able to choose from?

A: Parents and guardians can choose either 100% Remote Learning (all online learning, from home) OR Blended Learning a combination of In-Person and Remote Learning (mix of in-person days and remote learning from home).

Q: What is the difference between Blended Model 1A&1B and Model 2

A: Model 1A is “Chancellor Recommended” Group A, Group B: in-person learning on two consistent days per week; remote learning for non in person days. Group D: remote every day; consists of students who opt out of in-person instruction. Model 2 consists of 3 cohorts: Group A, Group B, Group C, in-person learning 1-3 days per week (5 days every 3 weeks) remote learning for non-in person days. Group D: remote every day; consist of students who opt out of in-person instruction.

Q: Will the afterschool program be available during Blended Learning?

A: Yes. Students will be able to attend the afterschool program only on their in-person learning days based on the Cohort they are in (Cohort A or B).

Q: How do I as a parent or guardian select a learning preference for my child?

A: If you want to continue with all-remote learning in the fall you must submit the NYC Department of Education Learning Survey Preference Survey by August 7. In addition, you can complete the PS 59 Parent Survey to help our decision-making process for reopening.

Q: If I am a working parent and I select to opt to have my student in full remote learning will my child have to report for online instruction at 8:00am and end at 2:20?

A: No. However, it is expected that your child completes all assignments in a timely fashion and be an active participant in his or her learning.

Q: How will students be selected in terms of Cohort A Cohort B and Cohort D?

A: We are still in the planning process however we will use feedback from the PS 59 Parent Survey to assist in the selection process. For example, for parent who have more than one child we will make sure the children are all in the same Cohort. Cohort D will consist of all students who are 100% remote.

Q: How many students will be in each Cohort?

A: 35-40% of students in the school building at a time. 20% of students will be remote. The percentages may vary slightly based on the number of parents who opt into full remote learning.

Q: How many students will be in each class?

A: Based on the CDC guidelines and the square footage of each classroom there will be no more than 8-12 individuals in a classroom.

Q: What will be the school schedule during in-person learning?

A: The school schedule will remain 8:00am to 2:20pm Monday-Friday

Q: How long will Remote Learning continue?

A: There is no set date for Remote learning to end. All decisions will be made collectively with guidance from the Center for Disease Control as well as the Governor, Mayor, and Chancellor.

Q: How and when will parents and guardians be notified of their child’s schedule and Cohort Group?

A: Parent and guardians will be notified of their child’s schedule and group in August. The exact date is to be determined by NYC Dept of Education. We will use email as one way to share schedule.

Q: How can I stay updated on issues related to re-opening?

A: You can visit the following websites: (school website)
Social Media Account: Twitter-@PS59Bronx or you can access your New York City Schools account at

Health & Safety

Q: What safety measures will be put into place to make sure students are safe?

A: Physical distancing, personal protective equipment, hand hygiene, signage and floor marking are some of the ways we will ensure all students are safe. We have a health & Safety Planning Committee who are working to implement protocols.

Q: How will the school maintain healthy operations?

A: There will be Screening & Entry/Dismissal Protocols, Movement Protocols, Isolation Room (if a student gets sick), and Cleaning and Disinfection of School Building and Classrooms.

Q: Will parents be required to provide their child with hand sanitizer and mask?

A: No. Parents will not be required to provide their child with mask or hand sanitizer these items will be provided by the city. Each school will receive masks, cleaning supplies, soap, and hand sanitizer.

Q: Are children required to wear mask?

A: Yes. All students are required to wear mask as per the Center for Disease Control.

Q: How will food services be handled?

A: Students will be provided with breakfast and lunch however they will no longer be eating in the cafeteria with large numbers of students. Most likely students will be given a grab and go breakfast and lunch will be served in their classrooms.

Q: My child has asthma and/or an immune compromised system how will the school accommodate my child?

A: There will be a school nurse in the building to provide students with the necessary care if they become sick. Students and staff will follow hand washing procedures, physical distancing, and the DOE has provided each parent/guardian the option of opting into full remote learning.

Q: What happens if a student or staff member gets sick?

A: We want to encourage parents to keep their child home if he or she becomes sick. If a student does get sick at school or has symptoms of COVID-19 child will be moved to a designated isolation room, notification processes and communication will be implemented, as well as contact tracing.

Social & Emotional Support

Q: How will PS 59 support the social and emotional learning of students?

A: PS 59 is a Leader in Me school and we know many students are experiencing high levels of stress as school schedules change due to the pandemic. Our trauma informed planning committee is working to include social emotional learning activities and strategies into lessons. There will also be opportunities for students to build a sense of community within their classroom even if they are full remote through google meet and pre-recorded lessons. In addition, there will be regular check-ins with students and their families.

Q: Will there be opportunities for students to build their social skills during blended and/or remote learning?

A: Yes. There will opportunities for students to engage in activities to build their social skills. Our planning committee will be exploring and creating protocols, structures, and lessons to support a healthy and safe social skills development.

Support Services for Students with Disabilities and English Language Learners

Q: If my child has an IEP will they continue to receive services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counseling?

A: Yes. An IEP is a legal document and we are mandated to provide services. We are working with our planning committee to create protocols and procedures on what therapy will look like in-person and remotely.

Q: If my children is an English Language Learner will he or she be provided with instruction in their native language will materials be provided in Spanish during the online portion of instruction?

A: Some materials may be provided in Spanish we also have translation accommodations for some online platforms. We will continue to work with our Instructional planning committee to select materials that meet the needs of all learners.

Q: Will my child’s new teacher be provided information regarding my child’s academic and social emotional needs.

A: Yes. Your new child’s teacher will have access to their academic records and there will be opportunities for the parent to meet with the new teacher virtually to discuss ways to best support the students’ academic progress.