PS 59 is located in the Bathgate section of the Bronx, near St. Barnabas Hospital, Fordham University, and Arthur Avenue. At PS 59, we strive to provide our students with a foundation for college and career readiness, and we partner with families and the community to prepare to become active and responsible members of our society.


It is the belief of P.S. 59, The Community School of Technology that all children can and will learn. The school will provide a high quality, standards based educational program that will allow each and every child to reach their maximum potential. We value each student, parent and staff member, who are respectful of each other’s differences and build on each other’s strengths. Parents and staff members will work together to support the development of our children as active and thoughtful learners, able to participate as literate and technologically knowledgeable citizens in our multicultural world.


PS 59 is a school where we nurture, prepare and empower students to become resilient, responsible and independent community members. All members are active learners and believe that every choice we make can positively impact our lives and the world around us.


P.S 59 Main Building 

2185 Bathgate Ave 
Bronx NY 10457


P.S 59 Annex 

2120 Quarry Rd. 
Bronx NY 10457

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